LLL Zingt

LLL Zingt is the label where you can find music from independent artists. We do not limit ourselves to a certain genre, we look for up-and-coming musicians who can use the support of an independent label.

LLL Zingt also offers support on other areas pertaining to new musicians.

We offer coaching and assistance to musicians in the areas of composing, producing, organising and management. Tailor-made and at a level the musician requires; from sparring partner to hands-on support.


Ellen Pels
Ellen Pels
“Spiri-Jazz”: jazzy melodies with meaningful lyrics.

Single (September 2014)
Album “Late Bloomer” (May 2015)
EP “Happiness” (September 2017)
EP “Love” (January 2019)
Expected: EP “Peace” ( October 2020)

Apollo de Novo
Apollo de Novo
Alternative Rock/Metal/Psychogrunge.

Single “The Unknown” (March 2019)
Single “Raging Hell” (November 2019)
Single “Streets of Aaru” (January 2019)
EP “Left to Waste and Decay” (January 2020)


Ellen Pels has written songs for various different musicians and settings. A choreography was made with her song “Dragonflies” (a co-write with Perquisite), which is performed regularly. She has written music for stage performances, comedy shows and Big Bands.


Ellen Pels is very practical and understands well what goes into the organisational side of producing recording sessions or a show. She has put on large productions in various theatres and has produced several albums and EP’s.

Coaching for Artists

Managing oneself as an independent artist can be trying and challenging at times. What are your strengths and weaknesses and where should you get someone to help you and fill in the gaps. Where can you be of support to others? By understanding your own skill set you will be able to make wiser choices.

Who are you as an artist and why do you do what you do? What drives you? Are you an entertainer at heart, or do you prefer to stay in the background and allow another person to shine by playing a supporting role. What motivates you to be a musician? Where are your energy leaks and what can you do about them?

Musicians at the beginning of their career as well as experienced ones do well to explore their drive. If one wants to avoid a burn-out, taking a wrong turn, or getting on the wrong train, it helps to be connected to your inner compass. Knowing your “why” makes choices more easy. It allows you to become who you are and to fulfil your potential.

Ellen can help you discover your “why” and how to use that knowledge in your work as well as in your personal life.


Schellerweg 112
8017 AK Zwolle